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MaxExtent not honored on zoom

There may be a bug in your MapView.MaxExtent property. It honors the bounding box on pan, but not on zoom. Is this expected behavior?

Hi Jeff,

It’s not expected behavior and this API is not the same as our other platform, we will rename it and make it works correct, our web developer is working for it, any update I will let you know.



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Hi Jeff,

THanks for the feedback, it turns out to be a bug which has been fixed in version 13.0.0-beta018. As “MaxExtent” is a little confused for users to understand the purpose of this property, so we renamed it to RestrictExtent instead. Ensure it can work with you, please follow the steps:

  1. Upgrade the package to version 13.0.0-beta018, please remember to check “Include prerelease” if you are using NuGet Packages Manager with Visual Studio.

  2. Update the JS references to <script src=""></script> in the _Host.cshtml.

NOTE: Please remember to clear the browser’s cache.

Any questions please let us know.