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MergeModule to Use

MapSuite Team,

Would you provide a link to the proper merge module (msm) that I should be using with ThinkGeo.MapSuite V11.0.0-beta108?

Does said merge module include the following:
msvcp140_1*.dll series of modules

I seem to recall these are now required.

Also, can you provide a list of the contents of the msm?


Hi Dennis,

I think our merge module just upgrade to include the xxx120xxx:

You can find it in this wiki page:

I don’t think we need xxx140xxx for our map, but I will let our developers know it and I think they will double check it when back to work, if the xxx140xxx is necessary now we will upgrade that in our wiki.

For solve that you can install this package now:

Here is the relationship between dll and vc++ redistributable package version.

msvcp、msvcr140.dll: VC++ 2015
msvcp、msvcr120.dll:VC++ 2013
msvcp、msvcr110.dll:VC++ 2012
msvcp、msvcr100.dll:VC++ 2010
msvcp、msvcr71.dll:VC++ 2005

If you found any dll missed, you can download target redistributable package.