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Migration Guide v10 to v12

Is there any migration guide for switching between these versions. Some of the classes that I was using are no longer present, and I am not entirely certain what the new names are or what classes they may have been folded into.

  • ExtentHelper class is gone – not idea if it was replaced by something or not.
  • LineStyles class is gone – not sure how to create a dashed line anymore
  • proj4Projection is gone – don’t know how to tell a layer to convert from one Srid to another as Projection class takes only a single Srid.
  • FileBitmapTileCache is gone – replaced by FileTasterTileCache? DeleteTiles api removed – not sure if it was replaced. TileMatrix is gone – don’t kow what to do about that.
  • OpenStreetMapOverlay – seems to be gone not sure if it got replaced by something else or are we now forced to use only the OpenStreetMapLayer?

I can’t seem to find any documentation on the new/changed APIs or examples.

Thanks Richard,
Here is the change log for the v12

  1. Most change are related with the namespace change.
  2. some are class name change such as Proj4Projection.
    We changed the name Proj4Projection. We call it ProjectionConverter now. So in the Blazor/mapsuite 12.0 you can do it like this
    layer.FeatureSource.ProjectionConverter = new ProjectionConverter(4326, 3857);
  3. ToWorldCoordinate method move to MapUtil.ToWorldCoordinate.
  4. Some class changes such as AreaStyles to AreaStyle

You can always let us know if you have any issue to upgrade from V10 to V12.