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Migration Version 8 to Version 10


Currently, we still use a licence Version 8. We want to migrate to Version 10.
As we are still in Version 8, my licence thinkgeo was activated with MapSuite Thinkgeo Registration Version 9 (ie screenshot)
When I test one project in Version 10, A dialog box appears asking me for an email and a password
even though my post has already been activated in Version 8

So my questions are :
Do you have different authentication modes depending on the version of thingkeo?
Is it possible to have Thinkgeo projects of different versions V8 and V10 coexist on the same PC ?



Hi Steph,

Our V10 is a totally new version, we modify the structure of our map, moved all the packages into and you can get them from plugin of VisualStudio, and we modified the license mode to file license. So the V8 and V9 can be active by the same way, but you need to open our ProductCenter V10, login your account, and activate your product.

You can find more detail information in our wiki:

V8, V9, V10 is using the same license key, but if you want to activate V10, you should want to deactivate it in V9 product center, then activate that in V10 product center. We can say they are using the same way because both of them need via product center.

You can install V8, V9, V10 in the same machine, but if your license count is not enough, you can pick one of them to activate after deactivate original one.

Wish that’s helpful.



Hi Ethan,

Thanks for your explanation.
I have a last question about licence.

We have a thinkgeo license on one post.
If I have a project in version 8 and another project that I migrate to version 10, I will have to change the activation of thinkgeo between the 2 versions each time?




Hi Steph,

If you only have one license and you want to debug the code of the two version, you should want to switch between them, but I think the switch speed should be fast.



I’m trying to migrate from v9 to v13.
Does this still work the same way?

Does your Product Center now support proxies? Because the last time I wanted to activate v9 it was quite a hassle to activate via e-mail as your Product Center was not able to use our proxy and we have no way to go around it.

Thank you.


Hi @Peter_Bernhardt1,

The Product Center has had a lot of improvements since v12. When you use Product Center v13, do you get an error that you’re trying to resolve? Or, what type of proxy are you trying to set up, is your local network unable to connect back to our licensing url?