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Missing links and hard to find options

I have the following comments on you web re-design:

  1. Click on Contact Us - get an error page
  2. Finding a way to get to my support tickets is difficult. Maybe you could put a Support link on your main page? Currently, I have to go to the blog, which does have a support link and go from there.

Hi Barry,

  1. Do you means our main page

It looks we don’t have a Contact Us for now, it looks like this:

If you cached original page for example, please update the link of it.

  1. I guess you should means, that’s our ticket system. Yes it cannot be found on main page now but only can be found on, I will let our website manager know that, I think they should want to discuss add this link on main page.

Thanks for let us know the two items, they are very helpful for us.