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NauticalChart Exceptions When Going From 12.3.1 to Most Recent Stable

Was upgrading libraries to most recent stable version:

ThinkGeo.Core 12.3.1 -> 12.3.15
ThinkGeo.Dependency.Gdal 12.2.5 -> 12.3.2
ThinkGeo.Gdal 12.3.1 -> 12.3.16
ThinkGeo.NauticalCharts 12.3.1 -> 12.3.16
ThinkGeo.UnmanagedProj 12.3.1 -> 12.3.16
ThinkGeo.UI.Wpf 12.3.1 -> 12.3.15

Now, when trying to load a nautical chart, it fails when either building an index file or attempting to use the FeatureSource.GetAllFeatures method. Both failures start in ThinkGeo.Gdal.

at ThinkGeo.Core.GdalFeatureSource.GetWellKnownType()
at ThinkGeo.Core.NauticalChartsFeatureSource.6UY=(Feature sourcefeature, IEnumerable1 returningColumnNames)
at ThinkGeo.Core.NauticalChartsFeatureSource.GetAllFeaturesCore(IEnumerable1 returningColumnNames)
at ThinkGeo.Core.FeatureSource.GetAllFeatures(IEnumerable`1 returningColumnNames)
at ThinkGeo.Core.NauticalChartsFeatureSource.BuildIndexFile(String nauticalChartsFilePathname, BuildIndexMode buildIndexMode, Encoding encoding)
at ThinkGeo.Core.NauticalChartsFeatureLayer.BuildIndexFile(String nauticalChartsPathFilename, BuildIndexMode buildIndexMode)

Hi Fred,

Thanks for reporting it. This issue is verified and has just been fixed in ThinkGeo.Gdal 13.0.0-beta317, please get it from Nuget and have another try. We will port it over to the release version if everything goes well.