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Offline background maps


I’m just trying to get an idea of the best approach for trying to display a background map in a wpf application that has no internet access.

I know in the past there used to be an option for using openstreetmaps offline, but this was years ago, and as we’re working with version 12 now, I’m not sure if this is still an option. I’ve poked around the various online documentations and forums, but haven’t come across anything specificaly that matches what I’m attempting to do.

Any insight (even if it’s just “contact sales”) is appreciated.


Thanks Aaron,
In mapsuite 12 we don’t use the Sqlite data for the world map kit. We use the mbtiles for the world map kit data. You can find it in our how do I sample.

This one just load part of worldmapkit mbtiles.

Could you create the support ticket we could send you all worldmapkit mbtiles file with the full sample?