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Overriding LayerOverLay.Drawing and LayerOverlay.Drawn

I would like to over ride LayerOverlay.Drawing and LayerOverlay.Drawn so that I know when layer refresh is complete. In the case of a fairly large map with with hundreds or more features when I update certain overlays it can take several seconds to refresh. There is nothing indicating to the user it is not complete yet and can cause issues if they try to continue making changes. I tired to add things to the events but it interfered with refresh process and did not complete cortrectly.

Hi James,

May I know what version of ThinkGeo(Core and Wpf/WinForms) you’re using?

We made some change to fix this issue recently, could you upgrade your ThinkGeo packages to the latest stable ones(12.3.19) and give it a try?

If the problem still exists, could you send us a sample to help us reproduce this issue?


I will check a new version the problem is that my map has thousands of features that need updated with certain changes. I am not sure I can send sample that will reflect what I am seeing. I just want to be able to leverage drawn and drawing to block the user until the map is fully refreshed when using redraw. If that is not possible I will investigate other .options.