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Plotting or Rendering Issue for some projections


I have already posted this issue… and facing many times… We are developing Aircraft movement/tracking display system application. In that we have two pages,

  1. In one page, We are displaying all the Aircrafts and using Spherical Mercator projection(esri 54004) by default.(No problems in this page),
  2. In another page, We are displaying/monitoring particular Aircraft. But here we are opening the map(including all layers) with different projection based on Aircraft location (For example, If aircraft’s position latitude is >45 and <70 then Lambert Conformal Conic projection, OR If aircraft’s position latitude is >=70 then Polar Stereographic Projection.)

In this case Map is coming , all the layers are plotting… But some zigzag issue is coming…
I am using Thinkgeo 10. And I tried with 11 beta. but same issue. In 11 beta , Graticule is not at all coming (when applying projection)

You can look at following snapshots…

First page

Second Page

Note: Everything is working properly when I am using Mercator projection(54004) on First page

Please look at this issue and help me in resolving this. Since it is heavy application I cant able to give u a sample…


Hi Ashok,

Thanks for your information, but I don’t think the line have problem, could you please describe about it more detail?

For example:

The dashed line is because two lines go nearer and closer, so it looks like zigzag, that’ because the projection reason.

And I also hadn’t found the problem for the other two places:



Hi Ethan,

Thanks for your reply. I think you have not understand my point. Please check the below image again

The Orange circles drawn in the image clearly telling the problem that, the Dashed lines should be straight , but its coming down and some extra lines are coming… And even Countries shape file also same issue. Pls check the first page image. It was drawn correctly…

Thank you,

Hi Ashok,

Thanks for your further information.

Could you please show us how you set the re-projection? A simple sample should be welcome.

Because sometimes the result of re-projection looks strange. I cannot make sure whether it’s a bug.



How did you resolve this issue? I have a same issue in ThinkGeo.WPF

Is there any chance you could upload a small sample that recreates the issue?