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Points Aliased on Map


I have a user who is displaying a regular grid of points on a map. At certain zoom levels, the points become aliased and some disappear (see attached example)


The point layer is a sqlite feature layer and we are using version 9 of Mapsuite. Any ideas what could be causing this? Maybe the layer index has gotten off somehow?

I suspected the video card might be an issue even though it is a good quality card, but not sure how we would test that…


Hi Damian,

That’s very strange from your screen shot.

It looks some of the points disappear, but it’s not disappear for one tile or or one line etc.

I am not sure what’s the reason of it, we also hadn’t met the same issue.

Of course you can try to rebuild index to see whether it get solved.

If possible could you please find the data and try to reproduce it in the special extent?

Maybe you can also try our MapSuite 10 and see whether it still have this issue.