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Preventing labels from showing at certain zoom levels?

Is there a way to prevent labels from showing up at certain zoom levels? Some users don’t want to see labels when zoomed out far (while others want them always visible). I tried setting the .IsActive property ZoomLevels, but it doesn’t seem to work.

I am using CustomZoomLevels for the map itself.

Hi Dan,

I think the code as below is helpful for your scenario.

            ZoomLevel customZoomLevel1 = new ZoomLevel(500000);
        customZoomLevel1.DefaultPointStyle = PointStyles.Capital1;
        customZoomLevel1.DefaultTextStyle = TextStyles.Capital1("Label");

        ZoomLevel customZoomLevel2 = new ZoomLevel(250000);
        customZoomLevel2.DefaultPointStyle = PointStyles.Capital1;


If you are using CustomZoomLevels, please don’t set default style or custom style for zoomlevel 01 to 20.