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Problem with OSM Layer


We are having the same problem as some others with the OpenStreetMaps layer. We are getting error 429 - Too Many Requests. I have read the other forum posts about this issue (OSM maps not displaying) but it is not clear to me how to fix it.

Can you give me a code example?



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Hi Steve,

The code should looks like:

OpenStreetMapLayer osm = new OpenStreetMapLayer();
osm.SendingWebRequest += Osm_SendingWebRequest;

private void Osm_SendingWebRequest(object sender, SendingWebRequestEventArgs e)
   (e.WebRequest as HttpWebRequest).UserAgent = "yourAppName";                        

If you want to use the OpenStreetMapOverlay it also can be used follow the same way.

I hope that’s able to help you.



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