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Product Center 12 Display MBTiles example broken


I am trying to incorporate mbtiles into my application and when referencing the Product Center 12 How Do I sample application the “Display ThinkGeo MBTiles maps” example is not working.

It shows error “Unexpected character encountered while parsing value” on the screen.

Also, in the example I did not see any place where the client id/secret is added. Is that not required when using mbtiles?


Thanks Eric,
Yes. I looked into the issue. The style json file we are still using the old version. You can use one in the zip file Style (55.3 KB). We will update our sample in next release too.

You can find more style available here

The MBTile data is a local database. You don’t need client id/secret. By the way In the sample we only have some demo data. For the whole world data you can try



Thank you for the feedback Frank, I’ll check out the files you sent.

That was the trick…I’m able to see the map now. Thanks again for your help.

Thanks Eric,
Good to know it works. Go ahead let us know if you have any more questions.