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Production licensing and the cloud

We currently have two production licenses. We are planning a transition to a cloud environment, where we would be load balancing the servers, basically having one up all the time and spinning up/taking down the other as necessary.

My initial thought was that we could run the production licensing tool as part of the initialization/start up process for an instance. However, I didn’t know if something else would need to be done as part of the shut down process or in case of a crash.

How is this sort of thing generally handled? Thanks.

Hi Jay,

I think you should have two development licenses.

If you want to deploy your application to two cloud servers(load balancing or not), you should want put runtime license into both of them.

Please view this guide for detail:

Wish that’s helpful.



Hi Ethan, thanks for the response. I understand that we’ll need the licenses on each box. What I’m wondering is if it will work to run the production license tool (we’re still on version 9) each time the box is started up.

That is, the current plan is to create a new VM when it is needed, using Chef or something else to install all the software needed, let it run, then tear it down when it is no longer needed. As part of “install all the software”, the production tool will need to be run so that the “Not licensed” watermark doesn’t appear.

So, we’d always have one box running, then sometimes a second box would be started up to handle the load, then the second box would go away when no longer needed. We’ll never have more than two boxes running. Will that work, when the second box is started, to run the production server license tool each time?

Additionally, it looks like in version 10, this process is interactive, so that will probably be an issue when we move to 10. Is there a command line form in version 10 rather than requiring the UI?

Hi Jay,

If the 2nd boxes need get recover or initialize each time, you need to run production tool each time because some information will be register to registry in V9.

For we support command line for latest development version V11.beta but still hadn’t introduce that into V10 release.

And we suggest you choose V10 if the time is enough because we had stopped to upgrade V9, so if you met bug in V9 you won’t get fixed in future.



Hi Ethan.

So I’m reviewing the install process for V9 and it looks like it is interactive there as well. Is there a command-line form for it? I seem to recall there was but can’t find any documentation on it now. What I’m looking at is[]=server&s[]=license&s[]=tool

Also, according to the above link, the way to free a license is to uninstall the licensing tool via Windows Control Panel. Is there a way to do this from the command line instead?

Also, what happens (even in our current environment, much less the cloud) if one of the servers simply totally fails? Is there another way to release the license?


Hi Jay,

The V9 don’t support command-line way.

For V9 the way to free license is click “Deactivate License” button in product center.

You need to deactivate the license in the same machine where it was activated, and the license will be free. If you met very special situation for example the machine is broken and the system cannot get recover, please contact your sales to see how to handle it.