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Question OpenLayers Version for WebAPI

Hi ThinkGeo,

As our team is looking into the WebAPI 12.0 version, I had a few questions regarding the vectormap js file. I noticed in several of the examples that “” and in one case the “” were used. In addition, I noticed both references show openlayers at version 4.6.4. So my questions are:

  1. Is there a vectormap js file using the most current version of OpenLayers (version 6.5)? If not, are their plans to update to that? Also if not, what is the most current vectormap js reference?
  2. Is using the vectormap js file beneficial vs using the openlayers script reference?
  3. Is there a significant difference between 3.0.0 and 4.0.0?
  4. Is there an API reference for vectormap js? I noticed some for version 10 it appears but wasn’t sure if there is an official one.

Thank you,


Thanks Neil,

No. We don’t have any vectormap.js using openlayer 6.x. Because Openlayer 4 and 6 has some breaking changes. We don’t have plan to support openlayer 6.5 unless we know some main feature not supported by openlayer 4.x. Is there any particular reason you need use openlayers 6.x? is the latest one.

Yes. vectormap js is base on openlayers. But it also be able to load vector tile layer. More details you can find here

Yes. some structure change. We recommend always use latest mapsuite web api edition. Current it is 12.3.4. which will use the latest vectormap.js. “”

Yes. Here is the details:

Go ahead let us know if you have more question.