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Questions about Wfs Layer


I have some questions about Wfs layer
I’m trying to add a wfs layer in a map.
The url is the following :,1.1.0,1.0.0

Adding the wfs layer does not create an error but the layer is not displayed ;-(
As the defaut projection of the layer is 2154, I re-project datas in 3857.
But that does not work either.
What are the corrections I need to make to view the wfs layer in a map ?

In Qgis, I can visualize the layer. And when I click on a polygon, the attribute data appears.

Mon code est dans le fichier joint :
MainWindowWfs.xaml.cs (2.4 KB)

Thanks a lot.



Hi Steph,

Our WFS layer won’t display anything on map. It mainly works for query data.

If the server provide tile image it should be a WMS service.

And you should want to try this code to see whether it works:

            WfsFeatureLayer wfsFeatureLayer = new WfsFeatureLayer(",1.1.0,1.0.0", "ms:PARC_PUBL_FR");
        Collection<Feature> features = wfsFeatureLayer.FeatureSource.GetAllFeatures(ReturningColumnsType.AllColumns);
        InMemoryFeatureLayer inMemoryFeatureLayer = new InMemoryFeatureLayer();
        inMemoryFeatureLayer.ZoomLevelSet.ZoomLevel01.DefaultAreaStyle = AreaStyles.Country1;
        inMemoryFeatureLayer.ZoomLevelSet.ZoomLevel01.ApplyUntilZoomLevel = ApplyUntilZoomLevel.Level20;

        foreach (Feature f in features)

In my test I just get operation timeout exception, I think that’s because my network to the server is not fast enough.

And I think that’s what QGIS did, you can see when a WFS layer added, it query all features and add it to map.

But we don’t think it need load features like that:
Web Feature Service (WFS) defines operations to manipulate information about geographic features (points, lines, and polygons). These operations allow to execute transactions (query, create, update or delete) on spatial data through the Web.



Hi Ethan,

Thank you for these explanations.


Hi Steph,

Any question please let us know.