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Reverse geocoding on Xamarin Android

I have an Xamarin / Android application and I need to convert geographic coordinates to the name of the municipality. So I want to know if:
1º Is the offline geocoding functionality available for Xamarin / Android?
2º If the answer is negative, I would like to know if there is an alternative to find out the name of the municipality through the coordinates.

Hi Rafael_Oliveira,

The Geocoding is one of our product, it provide the dll which contains geocoding related logic, I think it don’t related with platform. You can view more information about it from our product center:

And we have cloud server about it, here is the guide about it:

I hope that’s helpful.




Thanks for the answer. I tried to use the sample code for reverse geocoding available at this link:

However, when I run the line of code below, an exception is thrown, (System.ArgumentException: 'Keyword not supported: data source
Arg_ParamName_Name ').

MainWindow.xaml.cs file:

osmReverseGeocoder = new OsmReverseGeocoder (ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings [“SQLiteConnectionString”]. ConnectionString);

Note: My App.config file is exactly the same as the Github repository.

Would you help me?

Hi Rafael,

I tried to download the sample also, and then run it without exception.

I think you should want to try it again, clone the code to local and debug it is better than download that from page.

Please check whether you had activated your WPF edition in product center.

I did research based on your exception information, it looks that should be an environment exception, and one of possible solution is “Replace &quot with ’ (single quote)” (From here). I think you can try it, I cannot test it because I hadn’t reproduced this issue.

I hope it’s helpful for solve your problem.