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Rotate and TranslateByOffset

Interested if what calculations are being done/underlying library being used for these methods when generating basic polygons (e.g., create a square with each side 10 nautical miles long with a center lat/long of 10, 10, with a heading of 45 degrees).

Asking because when comparing to other mapping products being used by customer, the resulting PolygonShape lat/lon points match within 4 or 5 decimal points for relatively small shapes (e.g., a square with sides of 100 meters), but starts to diverge as the shape is larger or rotation is introduced or further from equator, and would like to figure out why the discrepancies exist.

Thanks Fred,
I put the mothed we are using for TranslateByOffset to the support ticket. I am going to close this one. We could do more stuff in the support ticket.