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Rotation offfset for multiline labels

we have a point feature .layer with an associated text style . Text style in question is very basic. the column that holds the text for the textStyle has come carriage returns embedded in the text.

When setting the TextRortation the text move further away from the point as the rotation angle increases, but only when the text has a carriage return in it. Text that has no carriage return rotates around the center of the point feature as expected.

In the image the circled text belongs with to the point feature the arrow is pointing at . You can also see other point features that have only a single line of text which the rotation is working as expected. Rotation angle is 20 degrees in this case. This problem is happening on android and the web api . I have not tested other platforms yet but will update this issue when I have a chance to do so. Of course it could be some setting I am simply missing but I would have expected all of the text to behave consistently regardless of carriage returns.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your feedback. This issue has been fixed. Could you please upgrade your ThinkGeo.Core to 13.0.0-beta317 and try again?


thank you, the problem has been corrected

Hey @Richard6,

Glad to hear that! Closing.