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Show a wms layer on top of a wmts layer


I try to show a wmts map with a wms layer on top of it. Displaying the map works fine but i am not able to display the wms layer on top of it. The URL of the wmts layer is “” and the URL of the wms layer is “”. I want to display the wms layer with the title “delay_3857”. I hope somebody knows how I can make this work.
Thanks for your help,


Hi Michael,

Our developer tried to build a sample for you: (9.1 KB)

But there are some problems about that:

  1. About your WMTS server “”, we cannot load it maybe because security reason, please try that in your side, you can modify the code in our sample to test it.

  2. About your WMS server, the boundingbox is incorrect from your capability:

It cannot be correct rendered under both map unit meter and decimal degree. Please modify your server side and test again.

Any question please let us know.