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SkiaGeoCanvas instead WPF Default Canvas

How can I use SkiaGeoCanvas as a rendering panel for LayerOverlay?
I know there is a property RenderMode, but when I change it to Skia, I don’t feel anything and also can see the OverlayCanvas is System.Windows.Control.Canvas.

I read an article about SkiaCanvas which has very good performance, especially for Tile Views.

Thanks Mahdi,
Yes. By default it already use SkiaGeoCanvas. so the following codes will get the same result.
overlay.RenderMode = RenderMode.Default;
overlay.RenderMode = RenderMode.Skia;

And in mapsuite 10 we were using the GDI as the graphic engine. In the V12 we are using Skia. It have better performance also support the Android and iOS natively.