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SkiaSharp version dependency problems

Hi ThinkGeo!

We are trying to upgrade all ThinkGeo libraries to the latest beta but it seems we always end up to a problem with different SkiaSharp versions. It doesn’t show up in a test program but our production codebase is handling the nuget packages in a centralized way and libraries end up copied in different places, with different versions.

  • ThinkGeo.Core 13.1.0-beta013 -> SkiaSharp 2.88.3
  • ThinkGeo.Dependency.Core 12.4.0 -> SkiaSharp 2.80.2

Are there any plans to unify that dependency by bringing in a new version of the ThinkGeo.Dependency.Core?


Hey @Jarno_Kalliomaki,

After you upgrade to ThinkGeo v13, you shouldn’t need the ThinkGeo.Dependency.Core package anymore. You should be able to just remove that from your project to get rid of that conflict.