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Slow performance (in Germany) when browsing forums and newsletter issues


when I browse your forum pages, the performance is really slow. Sometimes 10 - 20 seconds until I see the page building up. Your other sites have much better performance. (I’m from Germany, I use Chrome)

The newsletter I got (though I didn’t want it) has links with the IP address of some server that does not seem to work, so I could not unsubscribe. I replaced the IP with to get access to those sites.

I hope my feedback helps you create a better user experience.

Edit: I forgot to mention that it was the “Popular posts” newsletter. Also I notice now, as I clicked on edit on this post, that the body or text of this post needed some time (5+ seconds) to load.

Hi Siegfried,

Thanks for the feedback. Our developers are working on it. Any updates I will let you know.