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Storing shapefiles with Azure App Service

We’d like to deploy our ThinkGeo Web App solution to Azure App Service. Currently it’s running on virtual machine. We have lot’s of shape files and their size is more than 200 GB which are stored on same virtual machine. I wonder what is the best way to decouple shapefiles and code?
I was thinking about storing them in ftp server or maybe blob storage.
What options do we have? And how to activate ThinkGeo license on Azure App Service?
Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks Taras,
1. To activate ThinkGeo license on Azure App Service. We have the document for the mapsuite 7.
For mapsuite V12 we use the product center CLI tool to activate the deployment license. You can download it at You can find the document here[]=product&s[]=center&s[]=cli Basically just run a command line with your user name and password. Then it will install the deployment license.

  1. For the shape files storage. You can use the network share folder to store all your shape files.