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Textstyle Label with Icon

Hello there, i have an app where i use Textstyle to show a label on my features
and i have put an ouline around it. I use Mapsuite 10 and Visual Basic .NET.
I wonder if there is a way to incorporate an Icon inside the label ,or generaly a way to make it more dynamic and custom.
Thank You!

Hi Mario,

Do you means you want to insert some icons into the label text? If I misunderstand your requirement please let me know.

If the icon is bitmap I think you cannot implement that via our text style, I think the possible solution is build a custom style, draw text and your icon into canvas, that’s not easy to make it render well.

Any detail description should be helpful.



I meant Icons yes ,but i’m searching generaly ways to make it look different,for example is there a way to change color or font only for a particular word or letter and not the whole text ? Any idea of how i can make it look different might help me!
Thank You!

Hi Marios,

By default the map calculate one position for example the upper left point of your label, then draw it like this

canvas.DrawText(text, font, brush, haloPen, textPathInScreen, DrawingLevel, 0, 0, rotationAngle, DrawingTextAlignment)

If you want to assign different style for one label which means you will split it to some parts and draw them one by one, the mainly problem is you need to calculate the screen location for each part to make sure each parts render in a correct position and it looks still be a complete label.

I think it’s not easy to implement this, if you only want to make currently symbol looks special, I think you can try to replace the image to another one (For example a care with a exclamation mark), or you can set the Mask/HaloPen property to get a different style.

I hope that’s helpful.