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ThinkGeo sometimes saves WMTS tiles in wrong order

Hi ThinkGeo,

We have noticed an issue in ThinkGeo 13.2.0-beta021 where WMTS maps sometimes get individual tiles in wrong places. When it happens they are like that in the cache itself and it cannot be corrected just by scrolling or zooming in/out.

One example is this Finnish service where it seems to happen: But the problem does not appear to be on the service side.

Best Regards,

Hi @Jarno_Kalliomaki,

Could you please send me a sample or snippet code to help me reproduce your problem?


I’ve investigated how ThinkGeo saves images to the tile cache. The map shows them so. WMS 1.1.1 service gives correct images per numbered rectangles. I tested the same requests which ThinkGeo sends to the service. This is like Snake (game). Blue rectangle is the map view of the map preview.

hi @Kimmo_Korhonen Thanks for your sharing.

hi @Jarno_Kalliomaki, any updates on the sample?

Hi @Leo_Liu,

Unfortunately no. We are looking into it a little bit though and we’ll be in touch if a reproducing sample code can be delivered.