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Track shapelayer wrapping issue

we are trying to load the route on trackshape layer with wrapping the trackoverlay.where we are adding line through line shape, but once we load the route on the track shapelayer, the right pane gets warped easily but the left pane does not get wrapped till whole extent of route is can we solve this problem.problem is shown in the attacthed image.
This problem only comes to the left pane and not to the right pane.

thanks and regards,
hrishikeh konde.

Hi Hrishikeh,

It looks our map don’t support set WrappingMode for TrackOverlay. And here is a really simple smaple, it render the RectangleShape(-180, 90, 180, -90) and a line cross wrapdate line.

It looks the line render correct both in left part and right part.

I think maybe your description missed some parameters, could you please modify the sample to reproduce your issue so we can look into it to see where is the problem? (10.5 KB)