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Unhandled NullReference exception when closing WPF application

I get the following exception whenever I close (Shutdown) my WPF app.
The exception occurs inside ThinkGeo.MapSuite.WpfDesktopEdition and unfortunately I can’t debug it at that point.

Here is more details:

  Message=Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at ThinkGeo.MapSuite.WpfDesktopEdition.PanZoomBarMapTool.Finalize()

and also it seems to be inside the GC thread:

Not Flagged	>	14496	2	Worker Thread	GC Finalizer Thread	WpfDesktopEdition.dll!ThinkGeo.MapSuite.WpfDesktopEdition.PanZoomBarMapTool.~PanZoomBarMapTool

I’m using MapSuite 9.0.

Hi John,

I build a simple sample with version 9 but hadn’t reproduced it.

Have you update your dll to latest version, could you please let us know your detail dll version? A simple sample which can reproduce the exception is more helpful.