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UnmanagedProj4Projection not installed error


From my other post yesterday, I learned that I needed to add UnManagedProj4Projection to my solution to be able to project WMS and images properly.

However, when I applied this to another more complex multi-project solution, I got the following error when I ask the map to refresh.

{“This function relies on MapSuiteDependency-UnmanagedProj4Projection.nupkg. Please install this package first. Or this function is not support on Windows”}

And the inner exception message is:

The type initializer for ‘fSQ=.8EU=’ threw an exception.

The thing is that I have loaded the assembly from NuGet and verified through VS and even looked into the .csproj file to be sure. And the files are correctly located in the packages folder.

The project builds fine with no reported errors.

Any ideas what could be causing this? Unfortunately, I am at a loss to how to replicate this as the simple single project solution works fine.


Hi Damian,

It looks the ‘fSQ=.8EU=’ exception is not the same problem with the “This function relies on MapSuiteDependency-UnmanagedProj4Projection.nupkg”.

As below is some Initial suggestion:

  1. Please upgrade all your package to the latest development version: V11-beta

  2. Please delete the packages folder, bin folder and obj folder in your project, then reopen the solution, debug it to get the packages from NuGet, because for our UnmanagedProj4Projection package, it will run some script when get it, that will copy some dlls, do that again to make sure whether it’s failed the first time you install this package.

  3. Try to run the project in another machine, for example a Virtual Machine, to make sure it’s not the environment problem.

  4. If you still met this problem, please let me know the detail version of your mapsuitedesktopforwinforms-barebone package, today I want to locate the function of fSQ=.8EU= by reflector but failed in some version.




Did you have a solution for this problem. We’re receiving System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for ‘3SY=.5kk=’ threw an exception … This function relies on MapSuiteDep… similar to above.

We upgraded to version 11.0 beta libraries after failed attempts (from version 10.6.0). But there is no difference.

Kind regards

Hi Sukru,

I build a really simple sample, it looks the UnManagedProj4Projection works well there, I think that’s maybe because you are using some special raster layer, could you please modify the sample to reproduce the exception and upload it here so we can look into it? (102.9 KB)