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Upgrading Serialized v9 Files to v10


Our product currently uses version 9. Many of our customers have several years worth of serialized project files.

We are now trying to upgrade to the v10 libraries, but because of the change in assembly names, I can’t read the older files with v10 libraries so I need some kind of way to convert between the two.

Is this something you guys have already done? If not, can you recommend a method for doing so?


Thanks Damian,
We don’t have an easy way to handle this. You may need create a tool to read the old project files and convert the object to the V10 object. But we do recommend upgrade mapsuite to V12 instead of V10. Basically it is the same as you upgrade from 9 to 10. But V12 support both .Net framework and .Net core. And V12 has better performance.



Hi Frank,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m a little confused though. The FAQ section of v12 says it supports winforms, but I don’t see where I can get to the control. And, the upgrade guide is specifically written for WPF.


Here is an example about how to use the mapsuite 12 in winform project.

Clint will help you on the WPF license stuff.