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V10.5 Product Center - Unable to Locate Directory

MapSuite Team,

In the screen-capture below you will see I am having issues with Windows-10 and protected folders that the Product Center is attempting to access.

I was able to use V10 Product Center as recently as July 2019. The folder in the error message I have removed as a Protected Folder and still getting this error.

System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path ‘C:\Users\dberr\OneDrive\Documents\ThinkGeo\Map Suite 10.0\ProductCenter.log’ is denied.

I did recently have a large Windows-10 update on my machine. One odd thing I noticed is that there is now a Users\dberry.000 directory where the ThinkGeo fold is located. And there is a Product Center log from July 2019.

Why is Product Center attempting to access Users\dberry, should it not be User\dberry.000?

I’ve added Product Center as a controlled app, but still does not work.

Any ideas on the cause of this?


Hi Dennis,

Thanks to let us know your problem.

The ProductCenter.log isn’t introduced in this year, it saved there from the first version of product center.

Just like you mentioned, the problem is after upgrade your system, the administrator account dberr moved to dberr.000.

I did some research and found the reason of that is:

1, When upgrade system, it found old administrator account exsit, so create a new administrator.000
2, If your machine login domain before and the name is the same as your local administrator account, so it will get two folders: Administrator local machine)and Administrator.000(domain account)

The product center read path from system environment, for example here it read the path from: Environment.SpecialFolder.MyDocuments

You can did a quickly test to make sure what’s the return folder in your machine about this value, I think it should be “C:\Users\dberr\OneDrive\Documents”, but it looks your folder is “C:\Users\dberr.000\OneDrive\Documents” now.

You can try to modify it manual, or find a solution from search engines.

Please check the whether Environment.SpecialFolder.LocalApplicationData and Path.GetTempPath() also point to a valid folder now.

Wish that’s helpful.




The below screen-capture shows the Special Folders on Windows-10.

The MyDocuments folder is as you stated it should be in your post.

As stated in my original post I’ve added Product Center as an allowed app.

Seems to me the Product Center is now incompatible with Windows-10.

There must be something else that Product Center is doing that is not readily evident.

Would you please check this further.

MyDocuments = C:\Users\dberr\OneDrive\Documents
GetTempPath() = C:\Users\dberr.000\AppData\Local\Temp
LocalApplicationData = C:\Users\dberr.000\AppData\Local


As an aside I’ve noticed that the images I’ve added to these posts do not appear. All that is visible is a small box with an x in the middle. When press the box it states “The image could not be loaded”. The image will appear for about 30 seconds and then disappears.

Hi Dennis,

You know for suitable different system we won’t hard code related path in product center.

Our developer double check the logic and hadn’t found other behavior about local folders, and we test it in part of our win10 machines which install all lastest updates (But I think it still cannot simulator your environment 100%), the product center works well there.

So I think you can try some test here:

  1. If you have another machine also can reproduce it please let us know what package you installed there, so we can try to reproduce it.
  2. If it only appear in your currently machine, you can copy the same folder(\ThinkGeo…) and keep it both your dberr and dberr.000 folder, please let us know whether it make product center works without exception.

BTW, for the “The image could not be loaded” that’s because the image in AWS blocked by browser, right click in image to open it in new tab, then allow browser access it can make it works correct.




I finally got this working and not certain exactly how.

I had previously copied the ThinkGeo directory from to dberr, but that initially did not work. Today I went in and saw that the properties on the ThinkGeo directory were set to read-only for all the files. So I changed that and it still did not work. Then I started Product Center in Supervisor Mode and that did the trick.

I’m sure other people will experience this when they upgrade to Windows-10 Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.356) so hopefully this will save other people time.

BTW…I attempted to open the image in Other Tab to no avail. This is what appears on the tab…

This site is not secure

This might mean that someone’s trying to fool you or steal any info you send to the server. You should close this site immediately.

Go to your Start page


The hostname in the website’s security certificate differs from the website you are trying to visit.

Go on to the webpage (Not recommended)

This is all due to Windows-10 Version 1903. You may want to consider doing these images in another way or finding a solution to the certificate error.


Hi Dennis,

Thanks for your share, I think that’s should be helpful if someone met the same problem.

About forum problem it’s not related OS, I also met it sometimes. I had let our colleague knows it, they should research how to solve it if get time.



Thanks Ethan!


Hi Dennis,

Any question please feel free to let us know.