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V12 MapView throws Null ref exception on disposal

Hi ThinkGeo

We noted simple, but annoying bug in the MapView control: If control is disposed just after creation, it throws Null Reference exception.
using (MapView ctl = new ThinkGeo.UI.Wpf.MapView())
// intentionally blank
} // << here ctl will throw NRE.

Please look into it.

(we observed same behavior since version 10).

With best regards

Thanks Alexey,
We have fixed this one. Could you try with latest V12 beta version. There is one thing I need mention. For the V12. If we need use the mapview in the code instead of drag the control to the xaml page. it may give you some error. Because the map need some wpf control to support it.

Here are more detail.

As I mentioned if you want to do something in memory instead present the UI. You could use the Layer object.



Hi Frank,
I tried recent beta build (build 13.0.0 - beta160) - NRE is gone. Will be waiting when fix comes into the production version.


br, Alex

Thanks Alexey,
Good to know it works. We will let you know once it get into the prod release.