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V14 WmsRasterSource is missing in Async namespace

I try to upgrade my app from v.13.3.0-beta006 to v14. I have classes derived from ThinkGeo.Core.Async.WmsRasterSource and from ThinkGeo.Core.Async.WmsRasterLayer.
It seems that these classes are not in the async-namespace.

Any suggestions?

Regards Torsten

Hi Torsten,

They are replaced by ThinkGeo.Core.Async.WmsLayer, which is inherited from WebBasedLayer. It’s not a RasterLayer anymore so we removed “Raster” from its name.

Async.WmsRasterLayer is something newly added and we didn’t expect many users, so we just removed it without marking it deprecated for 2 major versions which we usually do. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can go ahead and inherit WmsLayer, let us know if there’s anything you can do with WmsRasterLayer but not WmsLayer.