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Version 10 Unlimited License Install

We currently have a couple of MVC applications built on version 8 of TG and deployed out to production on many many servers. We purchased the unlimited deployment license option since we have so many servers across many applications and environments. IN order to properly license these serves offline on deployment, we were given a MvcEditionServerInstallerWithoutOnlineAuthentication.dll that we integrated into our installer program. This would build out the proper registry settings to license the servers on install. We needed this because these serves do not have access to the internet due to many security layers protecting the machines.

We are trying to update to version 10 of TG for our applications. Our requirements have not changed. We need an unattended offline method to license our servers. I have been told to try and use the command line to license the server during install but this has 2 MAJOR flaws. First it would require us to put a developer’s user and password into the installer which can easily be obtained by decomposing the installer with any tool that can look at the installer information. The second flaw with this method is it has to be a server that has internet access.

How can I get our servers licensed properly with version 10 without internet access from the server and without user interaction?

Hi Stephen,

It looks you have a ticket about this same question.

We will update the status there.