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View local geo-referenced DWG or local geo-referenced Tiles

As already mentioned in another post, I am evaluating the thinkGeo product for Blazor.
My need is to be able to view inside the control mapview or a geo-referenced dwg file Epsg 3003 (attached),
or some tiles obtained from the initial dwg also geo-referenced Epsg 3003 (attached) with a “/z/x/y.png” structure for identifying the cards to be displayed.
The dwg file or the cards are all located within the blazor server project, they do not refer to any foreign url.
At the moment all my attempts to view the files have failed.
I’m trying either with the “CadFeatureLayer” class for the dwg file, or with the FileRasterTileCache class for the tiles.
Could you give me some advice / solution / example?
is this a feasible thing with ThinkGeo tools?

Thank you all. (3.6 MB)

Hey @Marco1,

I took your DWG file and loaded it up on desktop and was able to get it to show:

Are you sure that this is in EPSG 3003 though? Because when rendered, it shows the city really close to (0,0) on the map, which typically means that the projection is set incorrectly. When I set a ProjectionConverter going from 3003 to 3857, it still shows in the middle of the ocean, so I think there might be something wrong there. Is it possible for you to export that DWG file into a different projection?