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When will slowness and Out of Memory error be fixed for Android Xamarin Forms?


Our company has now used ThinkGeos Xamarin Forms solution for a year. We use the WMTS_Overlay functionality, along with a lot of custom functionality.

The IOS version is very quick and stable now, however the Android version still lacks speed in tile loading, and it crashes alot when moving around the map. Se video below for an example of slowness. Obviously, something has to be wrong with the tile loading algorithm, with using up to 30 seconds loading a map screen on WIFI. As said, it is not this slow on IOS, so something can surely be done about this? We reported this bug last spring, and ThinkGeo speeded it up somewhat. We had hoped that they would thoroughly fix this for 2018, but it has not been done.

See video

Another error yet to be fixed even though we reported this in 2017 is that we actually get an “Out of Memory” error when moving around the map. This causes our application to crash often, giving the users of our application a bad map experience.

These are two huge bugs that we as said reported in 2017, but that never got solved properly. Is this something you plan to fix in 2018 ThinkGeo?

Hi Jehans,

Thanks for your video and your description, I think the slow speed should related with many reasons for example the different format between Android and IOS, the device environment, the render code.

And it looks the background layer should be from some WMS service, I think you can open cache for it.

If you can reproduce the exception for example “Out of memory”, could you please provide a simple sample for it, I think our developer can help you based on that.