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WMS don't sending Request

I have some trouble, with an WMS provided in Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. The Adress is https://www.geodatenportal.sachsen- OP_WMS_OpenData/guest?

I have to use the EPSG 2389. No Images are drawn in the map. If I debug I can see, the WmsRasterLayer don’t send a request to the server.
If I use EPSG 25832, the request is send to the server and the images will drawn.

Any suggestions?

Regards Torsten

Hi Torsten,

I checked the capabilities xml and found there’s no EPSG 2389 available.

Do you mean EPSG 2398? I tried EPSG 2398, the request was sent, but the image didn’t get drawn. I’m not sure if I missed something here.

Could you give me a sample to help me recreate this issue?


Hi Leo,
thanks for your answer. Correct, I mean EPSG-Code 2398, and I also get not image. There are 5 lines of code – with 25832 - everything works as expected. There can be an problem by the WMS-Server – but WmsRasterLayer don’t create a request on the server. If I put a breakpoint in the wmslayer_sendingwebrequest – method, the breakpoint is reached by EPSG-Code 25832 but not by 2398.

 private void WMSLayer_SendingWebRequest(object sender, SendingWebRequestEventArgs e)
        var a = e;


Please check that the layer’s GetBoundingBox() is correct. (In zone 4, X coordinates must be 4xxxxxx.)

Thanks, Clemens.

Hi Torsten,

Could you try WmsOverlay instead of WmsRasterLayer? Here’s the code for reference.

            WmsOverlay wms = new WmsOverlay(new Uri(""));
        wms.Crs = "EPSG:2398";
        wms.Projection = "EPSG:2398";
        wms.Parameters.Add("layers", "lsa_lvermgeo_dop20_2");