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WpfMap.MapTools.PanZoomBar custom tool tip for current zoom level

Is it possible to display a custom tool tip for the pan zoom bar when hovering over the current zoom level?
Currently, it displays “Level 1”, “Level 2”, etc. We have a customized zoom set and would like to display our own message instead of the level, like the scale or a % value

How can we accomplish this?

Thanks Aaron,
We added a event allow you change the level tip. You can try with latest beta version which is 13.0.0-beta149

mapView.MapTools.PanZoomBar.LevelTipsChanged += PanZoomBar_LevelTipsChanged;

private void PanZoomBar_LevelTipsChanged(object sender, LevelTipsChangedPanZoomBarMapToolEventArgs e)
e.LevelTip = mapView.ZoomLevelSet.GetZoomLevels()[e.Level - 1].Scale.ToString(“0.00”);

Let us know if you have any question.