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Xamarin.Forms GeoTextureBrush is it implemented?

Hello there,
We are trying to fill an area with custom symbol and by fill i mean to draw the symbol as tiles or some sort of regular interval. I found a property FillCustomBrush in area styles which also takes a GeoTextureBrush object, which sounded like exactly what i need. Hatch is not working for me because the client needs his own patterns to fill the rectangle. Is the GeooTextureBrush implemented in the xamarin(.Forms) solution?

AreaStyle areaStyle = new AreaStyle();
var image = new GeoImage(@“help.png”);
areaStyle.Advanced.FillCustomBrush = new GeoTextureBrush(image, GeoWrapMode.Tile);
areaStyle.OutlinePen = new GeoPen(GeoColor.FromArgb(255, 118, 138, 69), 1);
areaStyle.OutlinePen.DashStyle = LineDashStyle.Solid;
areaStyle.Draw(features, canvas, labelsInThisLayer, labelsInAllLayers);

Whatever image i select, I see the areashape fill black, see image below.

Hi Syed,

Your team have the same question in ticket 16966.

We will reply you there.