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Bings maps not displaying with v10

Due to 2nd problem in the above issue I switched back to v10 in order to get our product to our beta users for iOS. However I ran into an issue with BingMaps where I get the camera icon for all map tiles. This is exhibited in the same test case referenced above where I simply made change to use v10. Attached is the modified project and once again appid needs to be set to a valid appid.

I figure there must be an additional requirement in v10 for bingmaps that is handled automatically in v12 – unfortunately I have no idea what that might be. This is for iOS only. (2.2 MB)

Thanks Richard,
Yes. I can reproduce the issue. I also tested with the v10 released sample
this one works fine after I changed the layer to bingmap layer. It use a different way to initialize the map. Anyway we will released the V12 xamarin form edition next week. So I recommend use the V12 xamarin form next week as Ben mentioned in the
RequestDrawing not redrawing layer