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KML Support for images/styles

It appears based on testing and this previous blog post Kml with png files that png files referenced by KML files are not supported, nor is reading any of the style information out of the KML file.

Are there any plans to add this feature (or does it exist and I don’t know how to implement?), without it we cannot claim KML support for our map application as the existing KMLFeatureLayer only supports a small subset of KML features?

Hi Chirs,

KML with image is not supported till now, in fact we had plan to support more features about KML, but the resource assigned on other higher priority tasks.

Thanks to let us know your requirement, I will let our development team know it, I think it’s helpful to let our development discuss about it and maybe they can assign more resources on it.

Any question please let us know.




Is there an ETA for when enhanced KML support may be completed. Or does it still not have resources assigned.


Hi Chris,

We noticed the issues in KMLFeatureLayer and the plan was to rewrite this feature in ThinkGeo V12, It’s always on the TODO list but I’m afraid we never managed to kick it off. Now we are focusing on releasing Winforms edition which is the last legacy UI control we are adding to V12 , at the same time we have one developer reviewing the TODO list, I talked to him just now and KML will be the first one he check out.

So I think I will have a better idea about KML in a week or two, I will let you know here then.


Hi Chris,

Just a quick follow up of my previous message: We’ve just released WinForms Edition V12 and did some rough research on rewriting KML. We were considering using GDAL for reading KML, which seems not that straightforward for getting its styles though so we are now evaluating how much work to rewrite everything by ourselves. It will not be too hard to port what we have in v10 to v12 plus the kmz support, anything more than that though will take more time. It’s one of the top features on the todo list and we might start it, at lest the first phase, any time.