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WMS maps corrupt

I just updated to the latest stable version 12.4.1, but all my WMS maps are corrupt now (see attached image). Only a small portion of the WMS map is shown.
The created cached tiles are empty files.

In cannot go back to the previous version (beta 13.0.0-beta426, because it’s not available anymore :frowning:

Hey @G_Vandenboom,

From your image, it looks like it might be an issue we reported with SkiaSharp awhile ago, but I can’t really be certain. Can you give us some specifics/configuration about your WMS so that we can identify the issue further?

For now, you should be able to get 13.0.0-beta426 again to resolve the issue on your end for the time being while we work to resolve the issue in a future update.


This is the function I use on my mapView which works perfect in beta 426.

            mapView.MapUnit = GeographyUnit.Meter
            wmsOverlay.Name = "Natura2000"
            wmsOverlay.ServerUri = New Uri("")
            wmsOverlay.Parameters.Add("EXCEPTIONS", "INIMAGE")
            wmsOverlay.Parameters.Add("layers", "Natura2000")
            wmsOverlay.Parameters.Add("styles", "natura2000:lnv_natura2000")
            wmsOverlay.Parameters.Add("transparent", "true")
            wmsOverlay.Projection = "EPSG:3857"
            wmsOverlay.TileCache = New FileRasterTileCache("C:\ProgramData\GPIcache", "Natura2000", RasterTileFormat.Png)

Kind regards,

Hey @G_Vandenboom,

I’ve confirmed the issue on my side with the latest code. We are still waiting on a response from SkiaSharp’s developers, but they have not gotten back to us yet.

You can see that issue here:

Once it gets resolved, we will have a new release build. Until then, just continue using beta 426 or 12.3.21 (which is slightly newer than beta 426).